Pancake Day

Who doesn’t love pancake day? As someone with a sweet tooth I absolutely love days like this. I thought today would be a great day to share some of my favourite foodie Instagram accounts with you all.


@cleaneatsbytay always posts the most delicious recipe’s. These include gluten free, vegan and paleo options too!


@thebodycoach is known for making recipe’s that’ll only take you 15 minutes, whilst keeping you lean at the same time!


@naturallystefanie is a vegan and so all of her recipe’s are vegan friendly.


@lilandlife‘s page is full of food suitable for those on Slimming World, whilst keeping things realistic when life just gets in the way.


@sarahs_day is a paleo based eater and a lot of her recipe’s are plant based too. She does not eat dairy or gluten and so they are free of them as well!


@marco_shill is a vegan bodybuilder so his foods are high in protein and carbs.


@morgancrawf is also a vegan and shows many vegan restaurants on her Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures of delicious pancakes and have a wonderful day eating some!!


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